Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Parents will now be able to access all necessary forms that are required to be on file so that the HBMS school nurse is better able understand the health history of your child and is able to easily contact you if there is any health concern during your child's school day.

FORMS available below are:

For Everyone

1. Health Services Form: Due the first day each school year, filled out by the parent/guardian, this information in necessary to:

a) understand your child's health needs.

b) obtain permission from the parent/guardian to administer specific over-the-counter medications to your child as deemed necessary. Under the school physician's order, the nurse is allowed to administer Advil, Tylenol or Tums, or their generic equivalents, but can only do so if your permission is granted on this form.

c) ascertain if a school nurse is necessary to accompany your child on class trips, due to specific medical needs.

d) alert the staff about any medical issues that they need to know about for the safety of your child.

2) Absence Excuses: No specific forms needed at this time.  Student must bring in a written note from parent when they return to school, as per student/parent handbook.

As Needed

1. Asthma Action Plan for children with asthma: Due the first day of each school year, filled out and signed by the child's physician, this information is necessary to:

a) give permission for an inhaler to be stored and administered by the nurse.

b) give permission for the child to carry and self-administer their inhalers.

2. Epi-pen Action Plan for children with life-threatening allergies: Due the first day of each school year, filled out by the child's physician, this information is necessary to:

a) give permission for an Epi-pen to be stored and administered by the nurse or an epi-pen trained delegate at school.

The parent should provide the school with 1 or 2 epi-pens as ordered by their physician and Benadryl (in liquid form) also if that is written on the order.

Sports Forms (see downloads, below) 

Physical Exam Form for team sport participation: Part A filled out by the parent, Part B filled out by the physician. Please see Sports Physical page for details about state and school requirements and due dates per season.

Over the Counter Medication Administration Form: This form must be completed and signed by your child's physician and signed by the parent as well, in order for the nurse to be allowed to administer over the counter medication that you send from home.  The school has on hand: tums, benadryl, acetominophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil).  Any other medication that your physician states that your child needs must be in the original container accompanied by this form.

Vaccine and Immunization Requirements: NJ State documents for your information.

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