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Upcoming Events


SAVE THE DATE: Special Parent’s 'Afternoon Out' – A 'Lunch Date' on Us!
Saturday, October 15th, Noon - 3 pm

As parents of a special needs child we have learned over the years of the absolute necessity to take time out of our busy schedules to ‘recharge our batteries’ and invest quality time into our marriage relationship so that we can maintain a strong foundation for meeting the physical and emotional needs of our special needs child. All too often it becomes difficult or next to impossible for parents of special needs children to take these needed breaks due to a lack of qualified child care and/or the disposable income to treat themselves to an afternoon or night out.

In the spirit of meeting this need, my wife Denise and I founded Special-Parents.org (www.Special-Paren ts.org) . Once again (our 14th semi-annual event!), www.Special-Parents.org, The Church of The Hills (www.tcoth.org) and The Matheny School (www.matheny.org) have partnered with local restaurants in the Chester, Mendham and Bedminster, NJ area to sponsor a complimentary “Special Parent’s Afternoon (Lunch) Out” on Saturday, October 15th 2016, from Noon to 3 pm, while their children are cared for and entertained by loving and qualified volunteers.