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LaTorre, Carla

Bienvenidos a mi clase de español! – Ms. Genesis Rivera – Rivera Middle  School

Srta La Torre

Please continue to check my website for any updates.


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This year is different from any other start of a school year for all of us. We are a team and we will work together to make this the best experience for all of us. Adjustments will be made as needed. Communication is the key!  

If you need to contact me, please email me at: 





  1. When you are at home Go to Google Classroom daily at the start of your class time. 
  2. Join the google meet to receive direct instruction.
  3. Do not forget to press the "turn in" button for your assignments in Google Classroom when finished. The assignment is not complete until it is submitted.
  4. Email (do not message in Google Classroom) if you have questions about an assignment.  Make sure your email states what assignment you are inquiring about. (You may want to ask a friend first.)
  5. Grades will be posted in Google Classroom before Genesis
  6. Check your email daily.
  7. DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. It is considered cheating if you use Google translate for entire sentences. Do your OWN work & try your best. It is okay to make mistakes, rather than use grammar & vocabulary that you have not learned yet.
  8. Use wordreference.com as a guide.
  9.  If you have questions, ASK. If you need help, ASK. Email is the best way to contact me.


For the younger grades here is a list of suggested Apps for students to continue practicing their Spanish skills: 

-Gus on the go Spanish

-Bilingual Child 


-Poppy Cat

-Learn Spanish 


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your students learning moving forward.


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  "Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English, it means they know another language."   

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.