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Orzel, Nicole

Welcome to Health and Physical Education with Miss Orzel!


Teacher Contact Information:

email: orzeln@hbschools.org


Student Schedule:

Physical Education every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Health every Thursday


Physical Education Expectations:

In-Person Expectations:

  • come prepared: wear sneakers and comfortable clothing, and bring a reusable water bottle
  • follow directions to stay safe
  • be respectful and demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • participate and try your best in all activities

Virtual Expectations:

  • check Google Classroom for the day's lesson
  • submit assignments on time
  • be ready to move!

If a student is unable to participate in PE due to being sick or injured, please provide me with a note from the parent. If the student will be unable to participate for more than a week, please provide me with a doctor's note so I can make the appropriate accommodations. 


Health Expectations:

  • be respectful
  • be responsible 
  • follow the school's policies regarding virtual learning



All grades will be posted in the students' "PE" class on Genesis. The Health and Workout Wednesday Genesis pages will not be used. 
Grades will consist of various assignments, such as attendance, participation, classwork, quizzes, and projects.
  • Grades are based on a total points grading system. Larger assignments, such as projects or tests, will be worth more points than smaller assignments, such as quick homework assignments. Exact point values will vary.
  • Attendence will count towards student grades, as per the school's policies this year. 
  • If a student is asked to sit out during PE due to not following safety rules, they will not receive credit for the remainder of class. Students will be provided with 2 verbal reminders/warnings prior to being asked to sit out.
  • Points will be lost for work submitted past the due date. Late work will be accepted for partial credit.