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2018-19 District and Board of Education Goals

Board of Education

  1. Communicate to our community the roles and responsibilities of the board of education.
  2. Research and actively discuss shared services with other school districts.
  3. Finalize the three-year strategic plan for the district.
  4. Review and address student achievement and progression across all subject areas with continued emphasis of Math, English and Language Arts, and Writing at every board meeting.  
  5. Reach a fair and responsible contract with the High Bridge Education Association.

School District

Goal 1 - To increase student academic success, proficiency and confidence in mathematics through the ability to communicate mathematical ideas with ease and clarity while fostering the ability to solve problems and construct logical arguments.

Objective 1.1 - Professional Development:

● To successfully implement a new textbook series in grades K-8

Objective 1.2- Student Achievement

● To replicate the High School coaching model in the Elementary School by establishing “math buddies” among staff. Specifically connecting middle school math specialists with elementary school teachers

Objective 1.3- Student Achievement

● To increase the use of data from various sources (PARCC, i-Ready, textbook benchmark assessments) to guide instruction, identify needs and track student growth


Goal 2 -To improve student achievement in all subject areas by providing consistent and cohesive writing instruction across grade levels focusing specifically on the areas of fluency, focus, content, style and conventions.

Objective 2.1 - Student Achievement

● To incorporate journal writing into all subject areas

Objective 2.2 - Student Achievement

● To develop the ability to persuade using the PEA Writing Method (Point, Evidence, Analysis) as recommended by the high school

Objective 2.3- Student Achievement

● To build and collect portfolios of student writing samples as a means of monitoring student progress and growth

Objective 2.4- Professional Development

● To provide ongoing, meaningful and supportive PD opportunities for staff


Goal 3 - To Implement and maintain programs that support students both socially and emotionally through a tiered approach featuring a kind and responsive environment, targeted supports and intensive interventions.

Objective 3.1 - Student Achievement

● To develop and identify core values and expectations ground in empathy, support and respect for the schools

Objective 3.2 - Student Achievement

● To implement a new Social/Emotional learning program (Wingman for Schools) in assigned grade levels.

Objective 3.3- Student Achievement

● To incorporate and develop a Unified Sports program for a group of 8 or more students that provides opportunities for varying student populations to work together and embrace differences through encouraging students to participate in sports and integrated activities that will be offered throughout the year.