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40 Fairview Avenue
High Bridge, NJ 08829
Phone: 908-638-4101
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Title Name Email Voicemail
Superintendent/Elementary School Principal Hobaugh, Gregory, Ed.D. ghobaugh@hbsdboe.org 4103
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent Meissner, Helen meissnerh@hbschools.org 4109
Elementary School Secretary Roling, Christi rolingc@hbschools.org 4205
Elementary School Supervisor Alparone, Emma alparonee@hbschools.org 4206
Board Secretary/Business Administrator Goguen, Heather hgoguen@hbsdboe.org 4107

Assistant to the Business Administrator

Grieder, Brande bgrieder@hbsdboe.org 4108
Middle School Principal/Director of Curriculum and Technology Kolton, Richard koltonr@hbschools.org 4104
Middle School Secretary Conroy, Coleen conroyc@hbschools.org 4102
Director of Special Education
Learning Disablities Specialist
Fallon, Lisa fallonl@hbschools.org 4112
Teaching Staff      
5th Grade Arnold, Lucille arnoldl@hbschools.org 4130
Math (6 - 8) Betz, Melissa betzm@hbschools.org 4143
Special Education (ES) Brown, Donna brownd@hbschools.org 4211
BSI/G&T (MS), Math (5) Buccine, Jemma buccinej@hbschools.org 4127
3rd Grade DelloRusso, Gretchen dellorussog@hbschools.org 4215
Physical Education (K - 4) DiGeronimo, Nicole digeronimon@hbschools.org 4240
Social Studies (5 - 8) Doerwang, Michael doerwangm@hbschools.org 4139
Special Education (ES) Etzold, Sallie etzolds@hbschools.org 4213
5th Grade Gomez, Michele gomezm@hbschools.org 4132
ELA (6 - 8) Grube, Kelly grubek@hbschools.org 4138
1st Grade Hickey, Lynn hickeyl@hbschools.org 4216
Special Education (ES) Hoos, Catherine hoosc@hbschools.org 4116
4th Grade Hughes, Lynn hughesl@hbschools.org 4223
Physical Education (5 - 8) Jones, Kevin jonesk@hbschools.org 4155
Kindergarten Kerr, Lisa kerrl@hbschools.org 4233
Kindergarten Kerr, Sherry kerrs@hbschools.org 4231
Science (6 - 8) Kovacs, Steven kovacss@hbschools.org 4144
Mathematics (MS) Krushinski, Brenda krushinskib@hbschools.org 4135
Spanish (K - 8) La Torre, Carla latorrec@hbschools.org 4138
Mathematics/Special Education (MS) LaGreca, Judy lagrecaj@hbschools.org 4126
ELA/Special Education (MS) Lazier, Rachel lazierr@hbschools.org 4141
Special Education (MS), Science (5) Locorotondo, Nicole locorotondon@hbschools.org 4238
Preschool Mann, Barbara mannb@hbschools.org 4235
Special Education (ES) McGaheran, Paige mcgaheranp@hbschools.org 4236
Special Education (MS) Miller, Heidi millerh@hbschools.org 4134
Special Education (MS) Monaco, Maria monacom@hbschools.org 4211
Basic Skills (ES) Morris, Tricia morrist@hbschools.org 4220
2nd Grade Nowell, Carla nowellc@hbschools.org 4226
Art (K - 8) Pellegrino, Laura pellegrinol@hbschools.org
Special Education (MS) Piell, Laurie pielll@hbschools.org 4236
1st Grade Richardson, Lauren richardsonl@hbschools.org 4214
Special Education (ES) Rogers, Judy rogersj@hbschools.org 4267
2nd Grade Sandorff, Kimberly sandorffk@hbschools.org 4228
Music (K - 8) Shiffman, Courtney shiffmanc@hbschools.org 4131
Kindergarten Snyder, Caryn


Special Education Terzuolo, Kim terzuolok@hbschools.org 4208
Instrumental Music/Band Thompson, Jeff thompsonj@hbschools.org 4174
Mathematics (6 - 8) Tolomeo, Jerry tolomeoj@hbschools.org 4140
ELA/Special Education (MS) Tryon, Sharon tryons@hbschools.org 4289
Special Education (MS), ELA (5) Tuma, Patricia tumap@hbschools.org 4135
3rd Grade Weikert, Karin weikertk@hbschools.org 4232
BSI (ES) Ziegler, Kimberly zieglerk@hbschools.org 4217
Child Study Team      
School Social Worker, Case Manger Anaston, Thea anastont@hbschools.org 4281
LDTC, Case Manager Carruthers, Jacklyn carruthersj@hbschools.org 4219
Speech/Language Specialist Murray, Joan murrayj@hbschools.org 4113
Child Study Team Secretary Rozycki, Lee rozyckil@hbschools.org 4120
School Psychologist, Case Manager Roth, Megan rothm@hbschools.org 4115
Additional Staff      
School Counselor (MS) Franks, Katherine franksk@hbschools.org 4111
School Counselor (ES) Patane-Schulter, Melissa patanem@hbschools.org 4288
Nurse Cahill, Nicole cahilln@hbschools.org 4218
Nurse Gresko, Lynn greskol@hbschools.org 4118
Consultant Cox, Bradley coxb@hbschools.org 4242
Consultant Finnegan, Terri finnegant@hbschools.org 4242
Custodial Staff      
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Gambino, Sal gambinos@hbschools.org 4282
Custodian Loughney, Timothy loughneyt@hbschools.org 4282
Custodian Ogden, Harold ogdenh@hbschools.org 4117
Custodian Schilling, Jeremy schillingj@hbschools.org 4117
Custodian Tuttle, Timothy tuttlet@hbschools.org 4282