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2020-2021 District and Board of Education Goals


High Bridge Board of Education Goals for 2021-2022

Goal One:

Acknowledging that the previous school year was challenging for the entire school community, and to promote the well being of our schools, the board will ensure the superintendent has the resources necessary to enhance and/or put into place at least two practices and/or programs that promote the social, mental, and emotional health of all stakeholders.

Goal Two:

Improve public relations/communications with all stakeholders including community members without students in the district as well as borough council. This includes exploring and reporting on shared services and the budget process.

Goal Three:

Maintain our status as a Certified Board through continued training with NJSBA and continue to enhance boardsmanship through professional development in areas such as finance and negotiations, along with a commitment to attendance at county, regional and state meetings and training.



High Bridge District Goals for  2021-2022

Goal 1 – Assess and identify students for gaps in English Language Arts and Mathematics during modified COVID-19 schedules and on-line learning, utilizing informal and formal assessments. At-risk students will be provided with supplemental instruction.

Objective 1.1 

  • Utilize report cards and attendance records from the 2020-2021 school year to identify at-risk students. 100% of the 2020-2021 student population will be reviewed.

Objective 1.2

  • Middle School – 100% of students will participate in I-Ready (5-8) ELA and Mathematics. Students will also take Glencoe benchmarks (5-8) and ELA (6-8) local developed assessment.
  • Elementary School – 100% of students will be screened for current reading level. Primary grades (K-2) with use ESGI for formal assessments for Language Arts and Mathematics. Grades (3-4) will use I-Ready as a formal assessment tool for ELA and Mathematics.
  • Start Strong state level scores for grades 4-8 will also be used as indicators for identifying at-risk students.

Objective 1.3

  • Grant funds will be used to develop meaningful support programs to remediate 100% of at-risk students.

Goal 2- To implement kindergarten through fifth grade English Language Arts (ELA) series to increase student achievement.

Objective 2.1

  • During the 2021-2022 school year 100% of the teaching staff (ELA K-5) will be trained by an ELA consultant with follow up in-class support throughout the school year.

Objective 2.2

  • K-5 teachers will meet three (3) times during the 2021-2022 school year to share best practices in regard to new series.

Objective 2.3

  • 100% of K-5 students will be assessed each trimester using the IRLA assessment associated with ArcCore (American Reading Company).

Goal 3 - To increase student’s cultural awareness through our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.

Objective 3.1

  • During the 2021-2022 school year elementary school will expand with Wingman to 100% of student population and will integrate Social Thinking curriculum grades (1-4). Focus on supporting students’ anxiety and socialization on returning to traditional schedule.
  • During the 2021-2022 school year middle school 100% of students will participate in One Book, One School Social Emotional Program. Staff will create Topper Allies to support and develop student SEL activities/events and to build student buy in.

Objective 3.2

  • During the 2021 summer at-risk students will be offered the opportunity to participate in Social Emotional activities. Both elementary and middle school students will have access to programs. Reach a minimum of 80% of identified students.

Objective 3.3

  • During the 2021-2022 school year a multi-disciplinary team will meet a minimum of three (3) times to assess the success of the SEL initiatives.